Welcome to some refreshingly new ways to use email. Right Inbox makes email much more functional with a few simple yet intuitive add-on features.

Email Scheduling

Have good ideas at night but want to send the email later in the morning? You can now set a future send date for your emails. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails at the specified time.

Email Reminders

Boost your productivity. Add a reminder to an email, get notified when you need.
Don’t lose track of important conversations. An excellent tool for a cleaner inbox. A proper way for follow-up emails.

Recurring Emails

Save yourself some time, escape from periodic tasks. A tremendously powerful tool to ease your workflow. Choose repeating frequency as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and select a delivery time.

Private Email Notes

Feel free to formulate your ideas and comments without revealing to any other recipients. Make your routine clean and effective with just one feature that does it all. Add private notes directly to your emails.