7 Email Templates for Real Estate Agents to Use in Any Situation

Email is alive and well for the entire business world and the same goes for real estate agents in 2022. Having a scalable platform to communicate and follow up directly with clients is priceless.

However, the way in which you use email is key. Using tools like Right Inbox can help you connect better with your clients in less time and increase sales.

Let’s look at 7 powerful templates that real estate agents should be utilizing in their business.

1. Follow Up Email for Showing

Subject: Nice to Meet You


Hi John, great meeting you at 123 Main Street yesterday. I hope you got a great feel for the home and (benefits of property). Just let me know if you have questions!

Thanks again.

Follow up is always key. Whether you just met the prospect or have a long standing relationship, everyone needs a reminder now and then. This template helps you stay in touch without being pushy, all while reminding them of the qualifications of the property.

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2. Under Contract (UC) Email

Subject: 123 Main Street is Under Contract


Hi John,

Thank you for your interest in 123 Main Street. As you might have heard, the property is already under contract. I understand this might be disappointing, but no worries!

I have some great options nearby that meet your specifications. I’m happy to arrange a showing when you have time.


This email helps to soften the blow that the property is no longer available. You are acknowledging their disappointment without apologizing. Also, you move quickly to offer a solution, which is finding a new home.

3. Expired Listing Email Template

Subject: Let’s change it up


I know that our listing has expired, and you may be frustrated. Other agents may be offering to list it for you, however here’s why you should stay with me: 

I’ve got some great fresh ideas to make your property more attractive to buyers. I know your home better than any other agent. And I’m willing to offer you a reduced commission when we’re-list it, so you’ll save money.

My action plan will sell your home in a few weeks, we just need to take a new approach. Please book a time on my calendar so we can discuss!


The magic of this email is that you are not hiding from the facts. Obviously, the home did not sell. But instead of the client thinking you are the problem, you are helping them realize that the plan was the problem. A new approach is what they really need, and you’re perfectly qualified to help them with it.

4. New Listing Email

Subject: Ready to find your new home?


Hi Sarah,

Here are some great properties I think you’ll love. They meet the criteria of being in X neighborhood and have (important amenities).

(Link to House 1)

(Link to House 2)

(Link to House 3)

Let me know when I can show you these wonderful homes!


With this email, you’re taking action. Instead of letting the buyer passively browse Zillow, you’re bringing great properties to their attention by understanding their needs.

It shows that you are willing to work hard for them, and could put you out front as the right agent to find their dream property.

5. Low Interest Rate Email

Subject: Yes, this is real


Hope all is well!

I wanted you to be the first to know about our new low interest rates in your area! If you want to learn just how much you can save, book a call with me at my calendar below :)

Talk soon.

If you want to get into a client’s good graces, be the person that can save them money. No one wants to pay more than they have to. The urgency of low rates could be the key in building desire to close fast instead of putting it off.

6. Testimonial Email

Subject: Some kind words


I’m always grateful when clients of mine choose to share their positive experiences. Being a realtor is hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I know it’s tough to choose your agent, so I wanted to give you some information for your decision.

Instead of more stats and awards and other standard material you’re probably used to hearing about from agents, I decided to collect a few of the things that clients say about their experience with me:

(Testimonial 1)

(Testimonial 2)

(Testimonial 3)

Social proof is worth its weight in gold. When prospects are making their decisions, they have plenty of objective statistics or data in their mind. By adding some emotional reasons to buy via testimonials, you can win their business.

If you say something about yourself, it can be doubted. But when happy clients say it, the prospect believes it even more. This creates trust and the foundation for a great client-agent relationship.

7. Farming Email Template

Subject: Hi John


Hey there John,

Are you ready for a change? If you have been thinking about a move, there are a few reasons it’s a good idea:

  • Your neighborhood’s housing prices are historically high, but not for long
  • Homes are selling in less than 10 days on average
  • I have been selling property in your area for 4 years, and I know how to get you the asking price or more by marketing the home in the right way

You deserve to get the most out of your home when you sell. And of course, you should be able to live in the area that fits your family goals!

If you’d like me to help you with this process, I’m just a phone call away. Book a time at my calendar link below, and let’s get it started.


This is called a farming email because you’re playing a numbers game. You want to cast a wide net and find people who are in the market or thinking about selling.

Obviously, many of your prospects won’t be ready yet. But by asking questions instead of assuming, you don’t sound misinformed. Rather, you are offering a helping hand. In return, you may just book a stream of new clients.


As a real estate agent, email is just one tool in your arsenal. However, knowing how to use it effectively will help you stand out against the competition. It’s important to get the subject line right as a realtor as thats the first part of your email a prospect sees.

Using a tool like Right Inbox, you can easily create email templates and use them time and time again with one click in Gmail. Supercharge your email productivity and get in front of more clients in half the time.


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