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Email Productivity Tips

Agents face a difficult scenario. They want to represent buyers and sellers, however the market is saturated with other agents. Therefore, if you don’t find a way to stand out right away, you could get lost in the shuffle. As more people move to online communication, email is an essential tool for staying in touch […]

Email is alive and well for the entire business world and the same goes for real estate agents in 2022. Having a scalable platform to communicate and follow up directly with clients is priceless. However, the way in which you use email is key. Using tools like Right Inbox can help you connect better with your […]

Communication is a big part of working in real estate — without communicating with clients regularly, you won’t be a successful realtor. Given this reality, it’s a good idea to ask yourself now and then whether you’re communicating as effectively and efficiently as possible with your clients. Nowadays, there are many tools available, like Right […]

Being a realtor in today’s day and age is no easy feat. You’re facing massive competition across the marketplace, no matter where you’re located. That’s why using apps is important. The right software can simplify, automate, and speed up your processes. Whether you need to find new clients, maintain relationships, or view properties more effectively, […]


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