30 Real Estate Agent Email Subject Lines

Agents face a difficult scenario. They want to represent buyers and sellers, however the market is saturated with other agents. Therefore, if you don’t find a way to stand out right away, you could get lost in the shuffle. As more people move to online communication, email is an essential tool for staying in touch […]

30 Real Estate Agent Email Subject Lines

Agents face a difficult scenario. They want to represent buyers and sellers, however the market is saturated with other agents. Therefore, if you don’t find a way to stand out right away, you could get lost in the shuffle.

As more people move to online communication, email is an essential tool for staying in touch with current and potential clients. But the way you use email needs to be strategic.

The first and most important aspect of email communication is your subject line. So in this article, we’ll discuss why it matters, how to do it well, and  30 examples to use right away.

Importance of a Good Subject Line

A great real estate subject line isn’t just a luxury, it is crucial. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Inbox Overload: Your clients today simply don’t have time to read every single email. You need to stand out instantly to get your email read.
  2. Distinguish Yourself: Real estate agents are seen as commodities. But great agents provide value to justify their commission.
  3. Open the Conversation: Your subject line determines if the conversation stops dead in its tracks, or if you have a chance to help that client buy or sell their home.

Do’s and Don’ts

What makes a good subject line? What should you include and what should you leave out? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of real estate subject lines:


– Invoke Curiosity: Make your subject line enticing without giving the info away

– Add Value: Make your subject line about their problem or desires

– Be Brief: Your job is to get the email opened, not tell them a long story


– Be Pushy: Exploding offers and other tactics will turn your clients off

– Be Generic: It shouldn’t feel like you copy and pasted it to 100 clients

– Sound Needy: Obviously you want their business, but you’re not desperate for it

30 Real Estate Subject Lines Examples to Use

Without further ado, let’s look at 30 real estate subject lines you should be using:

1. (Referral name) referred me to you

Saying that someone referred you to the prospect is so powerful because it leverages social proof, especially if your prospect has a strong relationship with them.

2. Wanted to ask you about (goal)

Everyone loves talking about their goals, so leading with that in the subject line is going to peak their curiosity.

3. Where do we go next?

Leaving it up to your client to determine the next step makes them feel like they’re in control, while keeping the conversation going.

4. Here’s the info you requested

Straight to the point is sometimes the best course of action — if they want to know something, then they will open your email to find out.

5. Did you find what you were looking for?

This yes or no question will really resonate with prospects who still haven’t found what they needed.

6. I need your opinion

Opening with a request for an opinion plays into the ego of your client, while allowing you to present new information to them.

7. Here’s what I can do

Notice how you’re not giving away the goods just yet — they need to open your email to see what you can do.

8. Hoping to help

Most people want help, especially if their situation is fairly urgent.

9. Have you seen this (listing of interest)?

This is a great way to get attention when you’ve found a listing for a client in their desired neighborhood.

10. I just have to ask…

You just have to ask what? That’s what your client will be thinking. This curious subject line can work wonders.

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11. Our next steps

People often want to be led to their decisions, so laying out the next steps is very enticing.

12. One more thing

If you need to open the door to further conversation, this subject line can buy you a little time to cover what you need to.

13. See you on Thursday?

If you have an open house or otherwise want to see a client, this can get them engaged even if you don’t have an appointment scheduled.

14. Looks like we both (something you have in common)

The more similar you are to your prospect, the more likely they are to trust and like you.

15. Am I guessing correctly?

This is very open ended. Your “guess” could be a home they’ll love…or anything that requires their response.

16. 15 minutes – (date)?

This is a subject line that can open the conversation for setting an appointment or follow up call.

17. (Prospect), I thought you would like these (offers or homes)

Getting right to the point is sometimes the most effective way to get your email opened.

18. Why you should sell your home now

This works best if you actually have some statistics to back up your claim.

19. Your private invitation

People love to be part of something exclusive, such as a private open house

20. I’d love your thoughts on our meeting

If you met with a client about their listing or becoming a client, you need to understand how they’re feeling to move the process forward.

21. Don’t tell my supervisor

This will pique curiosity, and in the body of the email you can offer a great discount or additional value to the client.

22. Can you help me?

Very general, but this subject line is almost impossible to ignore.

23. So great to meet you

In this day and age, an email can be the equivalent of a thank you note — and it makes you stand out from the crowd.

24. You still have time

If your listing is not sold yet, encourage your client so they don’t give up on you as a real estate agent.

25. I have an idea 

Your job is to bring new ideas for finding new homes or selling your client’s homes. This shows you are taking the initiative.

26. You didn’t get back to me

Sometimes, you need to call out your prospect for not responding to a call or text.

27. (#X) options to get (end result)

People want to solve their problems. If your subject line addresses that directly, you’re more likely to get engagement.

28. I’m on your side

Buying or selling a home is a difficult process. Ensure your client that you are their best resource and friend.

29. Now is the best time to act

If you have a buyer who is taking a while, you need to help them act faster by showing how the market will only get more expensive.

30. I thought you might like these offers

What sellers wouldn’t like to see what people are offering for their home?


Having a large arsenal of potential subject lines allows you to keep up with all of your current and potential clients. And the best part is, you won’t run out of things to say when you need to keep in touch long term, whether that’s three months or three years down the line.

However, making use of a tool like Right Inbox can make your job much easier. With Right Inbox, you only have to create your subject line and email one time. Then, you can save it as a template and automatically schedule follow up emails for every recipient. That means saving hundreds of hours of menial work while growing your business.

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