5 Professional Email Templates

Sometimes when you’re putting together a message, you just want a second opinion – someone to reassure you that what you’re saying makes sense and that the tone is on point for the information you’re sharing.

Follow these 5 professional email templates for success to help you write confident, effective professional emails.

1. Thank you/appreciation after a meeting

Hi [name],

I really enjoyed our [conversation/meeting] today. I appreciate you taking the time to connect and share information about [meeting topic].

Following up on our conversation, I found this article that I thought might interest you [insert link]. Thanks again for your time, and let’s plan to stay in touch.



2. Networking

Hi [name],

I received your name from my [friend/colleague/former colleague], [insert name]. [He/she] told me about some of the initiatives you’ve put into place at [company name].

I’m really interested in learning more about your successes, and would also be happy to share information about [area of expertise].

Would you like to meet for coffee sometime soon and discuss? Looking forward to connecting.



3. Cover letter

Dear [hiring manager name],

When I saw the [position] job posted on [company]’s website, I immediately thought my skills in [relevant area] would make me a great fit for the position.

I have X years of experience in [this area] and my background includes [skills that are relevant to the role – customer service, marketing, data analysis, etc.]. In my previous roles, I was also recognized for [skill/honor/award].

I believe I could bring all these skills and more to the role at [company]. In addition, I know I can contribute through my communication and problem-solving skills.

I’m very interested in talking with you further about this position. I’m attaching my resume here, and if you’d like to connect, I am available at [phone number] or [email address].

I look forward to talking with you soon, and I appreciate your time and consideration.



4. Congratulatory

Hi [name],

I was delighted to hear about your recent [success, promotion, new role, etc.]. I know it was well-deserved and am sure you’re very pleased with the new opportunities available to you.

I really admire your [skill/virtue that you admire] and expect to hear more great things about you in the future.



5. Asking for reference

Hi [name],

I’m writing to ask for your help with a reference for [job interview, law school admission, etc.]. I have great memories of my time [working together/in your class, etc.] and believe that I learned a lot from my interactions with you and the knowledge you shared.

Would you be willing to write a letter of recommendation for me?

I’m attaching my resume and would be happy to also provide additional details, either by phone or through email.

I appreciate your consideration and would be so appreciative if you are able to confidently recommend me.

Thank you,



Additional Email Tips

Regardless of the type of email you’re writing, these tips can help you create the best possible message:

  • Be concise. Your contacts are busy people, and they’ll appreciate you getting to the point. You don’t have to be terse, but you should also make sure they understand your reason for emailing within the first couple of sentences.
  • Use cordial, professional language. GIF’s, emojis, and slang don’t belong in a professional email request. Instead, make sure you’re using proper grammar and that you proofread your messages thoroughly before sending.
  • Make it easy for them to respond. You want your reader to be happy to say yes or to respond back to you. The best way to do this is by asking clear questions (if there is a request involved) or by offering specific details (like how they can reach out).
  • Show gratitude. Many times when you’re sending an email, you’re asking someone for help or expecting a response of some sort. Add some gratitude and appreciation – something that entices your recipient to connect with you.

An email can be the first impression you make with some of your contacts. It’s important to do everything possible to generate positive, lasting feelings of goodwill. Be sure to check out the email templates hub for more amazing templates you can use today to supercharge your email communication.


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