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On the hunt for a tool with a similar feature set as Mixmax? You’ve come to the right place. Right Inbox is a browser extension that seamlessly integrates within the Gmail UI to turbocharge email productivity with easy but powerful features

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More than 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox to boost email productivity every day.

“It’s like having a personal assistant.”

Peter Sigurdsson Iceland

“I don't know how I survived without this. Life is so much easier when you can do things at your own pace and still make it look like how people wanted it.”

Avishok Ravichandran
Avishok Ravichandran India

“For those of us that can't help but be ruled by our inbox, we now have a faithful ally. Though it may not break the habit, it does tame the beast. Thank you Right Inbox!”

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan United States

“Does exactly what it's supposed to do, precisely, easily and it's so user friendly. Excellent app.”

Cathy Elhard
Cathy Elhard Canada

“I have trouble imagining email productivity in Gmail without Right Inbox working its magic in the background.”

Eleonora Gagliardini
Eleonora Gagliardini Italy

Right Inbox adds email superpowers to your email inbox

One-click install, easy to use, fully customizable

Mail Merge in Gmail

Contact a large number of people with a customized personal message. Scale your cold email outreach within Gmail.

Reminder Email

Set reminders for messages that don’t require action in the moment but will do so in at a point in the future.

Private Email Note

Add context to conversations by recording relevant thoughts in private notes that don’t clutter the communication nor confuse other conversation participants.

Recurring Emails

Automate emails you send out regularly so they go out when you need them to without you lifting a finger.

Gmail Schedule Email

Control the moment your email hits your contact’s inbox. Write your email in the evening, then schedule it to arrive promptly the next morning.

Follow Up If No Response

Set up Right Inbox to nudge you if your contact hasn’t replied to your proposal after a set number of days.

Email Templates

Turn your most effective emails into templates you can insert and optimize with one click.

Email Tracking

Get insights about who opens your emails, and when they do it.

CRM Tracking

Record emails in your favourite CRM without having to leave your inbox.

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Right Inbox works in Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Send Later 10 emails / mo
  • Email Reminders 10 emails / mo
  • Private Emails 10 emails / mo
  • Recurring Emails Not Available
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$ 5.95 per mo.
  • Send Later Unlimited
  • Email Reminders Unlimited
  • Private Emails Unlimited
  • Recurring Emails Unlimited


$ 7.95 per mo.
  • Send Later Unlimited
  • Email Reminders Unlimited
  • Private Emails Unlimited
  • Recurring Emails Unlimited

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