3 Awesome Plugins For Your Gmail Inbox

3 Awesome Plugins for Your Gmail Inbox


Gmail is Ubiquitous. In fact, at times, other mailing services feel like second-class citizens when compared to Gmail in terms of efficiency. However, there are many additional services, which can make Gmail even more productive and awesome in addition to Right Inbox.


Rapportive is dead. But you’d still need an easy way to connect with your email recipients quickly and easily. Connect6 (still in Beta) is a third-party social aggregator that pulls in relevant social data and also a brief intro about your email recipient.

All you have to do is to hover on any social profile or even email address and the data comes up at the right side of your Gmail page.

Send from Gmail by Google

It is irritating when clicking on an email address another email service provider pops up. You may or may not have an account on this service provider or you would have to follow the procedure of signing in.

Why use it?

  • The moment you click on an email address on a website, this plug-in will make sure you are directed to your Gmail compose box.
  • It is a free plug-in for Chrome.



It is one plug-in, which is a must, in case you do not like sitting at your desk and dont have place for the mouse to work properly.

Why use it?

  • It will teach you how to use keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.
  • It also works with Google Apps.
  • You will not have to learn the shortcuts; these will appear on the screen while you are working.
  • It is a free extension for Chrome.