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If you’re among the majority of companies who say their top sales priority is closing more deals, then a clear sales process is just what you need. Even if you’re a natural at sales, turning leads into customers is a difficult task that requires specific skills and knowledge to achieve success. With the average close rate […]

Sales management can be a difficult business discipline to master. It involves not only understanding and applying the latest sales techniques, but also helping sales teams work at optimum capacity. Managing a sales team is demanding enough under usual circumstances, however the recent trend towards remote work has added additional layers of complexity. Sales managers […]

Follow-up emails are an important part of the sales cycle that should not be forgotten; they can make all the difference between building a successful relationship with a client, and never hearing from them again. Sales follow up email templates allow you to scale your follow ups and close more deals. The first step to […]

Buyers want to hear from you. This statement sounds like part of a mantra that you chant to psych yourself up before sending sales emails, calling leads, or presenting a demo, doesn’t it? Well, it’s closer to a cold hard fact than a questionable self-hypnotic chant. Research shows that: 71 percent of buyers actively seek […]

A strong sales strategy outlines a business’s sales targets and details exactly how the sales team will achieve them. These strategies are typically developed by company executives but also require the input of sales, marketing, and advertising managers. It sounds simple enough, but creating a winning sales strategy is something of an art – it […]


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