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GIFs are awesome. You’ll see them on Twitter, blog posts, Slack channels, Facebook, and Whatsapp. e.t.c. But have you seen a GIF in an email signature? Either way, this guide will delve deeper to show how to add GIFs to your email signature, why you should do it, and its impact on your business. Why […]

People find it easy to process visual information more than text. That’s why professionals have become obsessed with the Gmail signature section. You can add your headshot, GIFs, images, social media links, and even inspirational quotes. With the perfect signature, you can improve your brand perception, increase customer retention and drive traffic to your website. […]

In the 21st century, the email signature has successfully replaced the business card. It’s a must-have for all modern workers, and it’s critical to creating a lasting impression, not only for you, but for your business. If you’re ready to create a fresh email signature in Gmail, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the […]

Email signatures are arguably the best way to let your contacts know more about you, and yet they’re often overlooked. A lot of Gmail users aren’t aware of how to insert a Gmail signature. Fortunately, creating a new signature or changing an existing one to something more attention-getting is easy. And Right Inbox offers additional […]


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