Real estate agents, like most other business owners, have quite a lot to do on their hands. Apart from the paperwork, the field presence, and the ever going hustle with properties, vendors, and customers, they also have to keep prospecting, getting new clients, and keep on top of the game. As for most other professionals, productivity makes or breaks the success of any real estate professionals irrespective of the kind of work they do.  Let’s assume a real estate agent looking for new prospects in Illinois, Chicago for home rentals.

Here’s how he/she can improve success rates and productivity with follow up emails:

Build and track that email list

No matter what email service provide you use, make sure that you have lists for your subscribers such as hot, new, and cold prospects; customers; vendors; suppliers; affiliates, and so on. Once you have lists made for every set of people you do business with, it’s easier to manage your email communications and keep track of conversations. One of the biggest pitfalls in email management is not to have ordered lists such as those mentioned above.

Anything that’s repeated can be automated

Using the “send anytime” feature of Right Inbox, you can practically create customized emails to your vendors, customers, and prospects and leave it to the system to send out the emails at a pre-designated time into the future. For instance, most of the follow-up emails you’d send out are more or less the same except for the names and property details, so you could create template emails such as these:

For prospects:
Hi [name],

This is Ash from Prostate Realtors and we met at a property buying conference in Chicago last month. You had expressed then that you are likely to move to Chicago some time next month and I was thinking that this might just be the right time to initiate contact with you in case you’re looking for rentals in Illinois area.

We have apartments, individual homes, and condos available for you to choose from. I can arrange for someone to pick you up and show these properties to you so that you can get a feel for each of the available homes for rental.

Please do let me know how you’d like to go about it.

ProState Realtors
For Customers:
Hi [Name],

I am Ash from ProState Realtors, Chicago. I hope you’ve settled in and are comfortable with your new home. I am just mailing to find out how you are and if there’s anything else I can do for you. It’s been a pleasure to help you find your home here. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting me to help you. Please shoot us an email if you’d like any help from me.

Wishing you good luck,

ProState Realtors
These are templates. Of course, you can change them and add in more details or take out anything you don’t want to include. The important point to note is that you don’t have to type these out every time: you’ll just need to edit them with particulars, customize them, add in a line or two to show you care, and set them to be delivered any time, or as many times as you like.

Communication Funnel to email: That’s the route

You could meet prospects or customers at conferences, trade shows, in restaurants, or through introductions. You might also get leads or prospects through your website, social media, or inbound requests from other places on the web.

No matter how you find them, email will rule your communication share. Use an easy to use CRM solution to keep track of your prospects, make notes on appropriate times to follow up with them (even if they are cold prospects), and master the art of winning business through emails.

How does it work out for you? As a real estate agent, what’s your greatest challenge when it comes to keeping in touch with your prospects and customers?


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