Travel business is hectic, demanding, and has plenty of variables. The unpredictability of travel business also gives it the charm. It’s the challenge that keeps businesses on and about. If you are a travel agent, tour operator, or a travel company, it’s inevitable that you’d need to perch on top of your business for maximum efficiency.

Here’s how to improve your success and enhance your productivity with follow up emails while running your travel business:

Passengers in, mail out

Apart from deploying “opt-in” forms on the regular places such as blog sidebar, landing pages, and dedicated opt-in pages, make it a habit to collect email addresses from everyone who sends in an enquiry, requests more information about your products and services, or even leaves feedback.

The more email addresses you collect, the more you can expect your email marketing to work for you.  With a regular email marketing campaign, you can expect your subscribers to respond to your campaigns over time.

Travel is a life-changer. Use that fact in your emails

Travel, by itself, changes lives. It liberates, rejuvenates, teaches, and it can be the experience of a lifetime. Travellers learn about new cultures, food, languages, customs, and people. For most travelers, traveling is an experience like no other.

When you send out email campaigns or when you use email for follow-up, use this knowledge to add that extra chutzpah to your emails. Trigger emotions, tug at their hearts, and use words to bring out the hidden travelers from your subscribers.

Follow-up continuously because you never know when the bug bites

As it’s true for most businesses, follow up emails bring results. When running a travel agency or a travel-related business, follow-ups have another special intent: to bring out the wanderlust that most people have. Since most people do like to travel, it’s your job to keep feeding them with emails that are designed to trigger this wanderlust.

Your follow-ups are teasers. These emails are a constant reminder for your customers to jet set around the world, visit exotic places, and take those life-changing trips.

Build a Travel agency with a personality

Get personal with your emails. Pour life into your emails. Make your follow-ups compelling. Emails are electronic messages and hence they are devoid of emotions, personality, and character. As Kendra Lee of EyesonSales[1] suggests, put yourself into your emails. Make those emails feel. Let your personality come peeling through.

Pithy emails are winning emails

Compact. Short. Focused. Honest – that’s the mantra for some of the best emails ever. Start with a compelling subject line. Keep the email short. You don’t “check in” on people and they would know that you might just want to “sell something” when you say you are “checking in”.

Instead of “checking in” and writing an email about nothing, you might as well be honest and write exactly what you want your customer to do. Do you need a response, arrange a phone call, set up an in-person meet? Ask for just that.

Here’s a sample:

Hey Derek,

Thank you so much for visiting our office last week. I’d like to meet you to discuss our travel packages to try and see if we can wrap a travel plan around your itinerary. 

I understand that you might need a day or two to think about what you’d like to do and where you’d like to go. While you are thinking, it’ll be a great idea to meet and discuss.

Coffee is on me.


How are emails working for your travel agency or for your travel business? Do you think that you’d run your business so much better thanks to effective follow-up emails?

[1] | Is Email Hiding Your personality?


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