10 Job Application Email Templates

So you’re ready for some more income, a change of pace, or an entirely new career. Excellent, you’ll need to brush off the resume and start the job hunt. But, contrary to what you might believe, it’s not as easy as blasting over to “job land,” and leisurely selecting which dream job you’d like to […]

10 Job Application Email Templates

So you’re ready for some more income, a change of pace, or an entirely new career. Excellent, you’ll need to brush off the resume and start the job hunt.

But, contrary to what you might believe, it’s not as easy as blasting over to “job land,” and leisurely selecting which dream job you’d like to accept from a sea of eager employers.

The problem is that it’s vastly competitive in 2024 to be chosen as the candidate to fill virtually any vacancy. In fact, three fourths of job applications are rejected before even landing on the hiring manager’s desk.

Luckily, we’ve got a secret weapon up our sleeve — email templates. Instead of going through the most crowded channels (online job boards), let’s take a look at some killer job application email templates. That way, you can land the role you truly want and stand out from the pack.

10 Job Application Email Templates for Success:

1. I could be wrong

Subject Line:  I could be wrong

Hi (name),

I could be totally wrong on this, but hear me out. I saw your ad looking for (position) posted on (site) recently.

And I was thinking that based on (criteria), I could potentially be the PERFECT fit for this role!

I have experience in (experience), and you can peruse my resume which I’ve attached as well.

If you end up thinking that it could be a nice fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out!



Why it works

It’s a very positive quality in a person who can admit they might be wrong. Right way, admitting that will give you brownie points. Of course, it also spurs curiosity right from the headline. What are you potentially wrong about? Getting them to click through to the body of your email is crucial.

2. Do you know John?

Subject Line: Do you know John?

Dear (name),

Do you know John? I recently applied for the open role of (role). I haven’t heard back from him yet. I know he must be super busy with applicants, but I thought I’d reach out via another channel.

If there’s any way to connect me to John, please let me know!



Why it works

This is designed to be sent to someone else in the organization besides the hiring manager. The reason this works is because they might feel the need to help a fellow human out. If they have a direct line to John, it could be your lucky day and you’ll get in direct contact with the hiring manager.

3. $1 million per year

Subject Line: $1 million per year

Hey there (name),

$1 million per year. That’s the amount of revenue I’d like to add to your company’s bottom line, at a minimum.

Why am I so confident I can do that? Simple, in my previous role at (company), I was tasked with (responsibilities). In just 12 short months, I was able to (solve a problem) which generated an additional $1 million in (revenue or savings).

I’m wondering if you’d be open to hearing how I can do the same for you? If so, please reach out and we can schedule a time to chat.



Why it works

Money talks. If you have the track record to back it up, leading with dollar figures is a big attention grabber.

4. Thank you

Subject Line: Thank you

Hi (name),

I just wanted to say thank you. When recently posted your open position for (role), I felt a wave of gratitude. I’ve actually been following your company for a while now.

I really align with the values you promote, as well as your company mission to (mission). Frankly, I’m so thankful that you’re opening your doors and would love the opportunity to show you how I’m the perfect fit for your company culture and your goals.

If you’d like, we can set a time to chat more in detail, I promise it won’t be a waste of your time.

P.S. – Thank you again. You’ve truly blazed a trail in this industry.



Why it works

Flattery combined with a little humility goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to lay it on.

5. Sarah referred me to you

Subject Line: Sarah referred me to you

“How’s it going (name)?

I was speaking with our mutual friend Sarah today, and she suggested I reach out to you. My name is (name) and I’m (title or job experience).

I really trust Sarah’s judgment, so when she spoke about the great things you’re doing at (company), I had no doubts I needed to learn more.

Are you free for coffee at (time)?

All the best,


Why it works

People are social beings. We often take our cues from other people. So if my friend has vetted you already, I have no reason to not believe her when she talks you up. Social proof is one of the most powerful factors in influence, so use it to your advantage in your job application emails.

6. I hope you’re the right person

Subject Line: I hope you’re the right person

Hi (name),

“I recently became aware that you have an opening for (position). As someone with (experience that is relevant), I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.

I truly hope you’re the right person to speak to about this. If not, could you please direct me to the person who is?

Thank you so much,


Why it works

People like to help other people. The whole “I hope” framework is a great way to get someone in that helping mood.

7. Long shot

Subject Line: I know this is a long shot

Hey (name),

This is probably a long shot. I’ve been dreaming of transitioning from (current role) to (dream role) for a while now. I’ve (taken classes, mentorship, etc.) to prepare. And while I don’t have the experience you’re asking for, I have the drive and the work ethic.

Any chance you’d consider interviewing me for this?



Why it works

Great employers know that they can always train skills, but that they can’t train attitude. This humblebrag email template lets you admit you don’t meet their official requirements, while peppering in hints about your great soft skills.

8. The curious student

Subject Line: I’m just curious

Good afternoon (name),

My name is (name). I’m fairly new to the (industry). And as a student of this industry, I’ve really enjoyed learning from your (content that the company puts out).

Just curious, but is there any other (content) you would recommend to someone like me? I do have experience in (XYZ) and I studied at (school). But I’m always open to learning more.

Thank you,


Why it works

Positioning yourself as a curious student is powerful for a few reasons. People love sharing their knowledge first of all. Secondly, when you can present yourself humbly, it’s easier to get in under the radar.

9. Thought this would interest you

Subject Line: I thought this would interest you

Hey there (name),

I’m reaching out to you today because I thought this would be interesting and valuable to you.

Your recent job posting mentioned that your company is growing and looking to (goal). Funny enough, (anecdote about your experience).

I might just be the key to your next phase of growth, as I’ve helped (companies) achieve (result) as well in the past.

If it would be useful for you to have a chat, please let me know.



Why it works

What are people most interested in? — Themselves. How could someone not click on an email that promises to be of personal interest to them? The key is to actually make it worth their while, or it could backfire.

10. Congratulations

Subject Line: Congratulations!!

Congratulations (name)!

Your recent (achievement) made headlines in the industry. It’s clearly a sign that you are doing things the right way over there.

Enjoy this moment. And by the way, if you’re ever looking to expand the (department you would like to work for), I might be a valuable addition!

I’ve attached my resume for your convenience.

Talk soon,

Why it works

This is a classic pattern interrupt. Most hiring managers are not going to be used to a potential candidate starting their email off with congratulations. Luckily, it grabs our attention long enough for you to get your actual message across.


There are two things in life that are certain: everything will change and nothing will change. In other words, the strategies to reach potential employers have evolved. But the fact that job hunting is difficult will never change.

Before you get discouraged, keep in mind that the rewards are best where the fewest go. If you sharpen your skills when it comes to cold emailing, you’ll be a step ahead of all the other applicants. That means you’ll be able to generate a real conversation with your employer and increase your chance of stepping into your new dream job.

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