No matter your industry or career stage, networking can be an extremely valuable tactic. It can help you land a new role, develop your professional connections, and expand your knowledge about a specific topic.

So, whether you’re reaching out cold to a complete stranger or connecting with a friend of a friend, here are 6 networking email templates to get you over that awkward first step and make a killer impression.

1. Introducing Yourself to a Stranger

Reaching out cold to strangers can be awkward, but there are ways you can break the ice early on. Whether it’s a contact from a company you love or an influencer you want to collaborate with, find a way to make a connection. In short, give them a reason to get back to you.

Hi [name],

I’m [name], and I work at [company name] as a [role]. I’ve become familiar with you and your work ever since [how you came across them], and I think there might be a way in which we can help each other out on [task/problem that you can help address].

Would you be open to [connecting on social media/meeting up in person] to keep in touch and discuss how we might work together in the future? In the meantime, here’s a link to my [website/online portfolio].

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


2. Following Up After a First Meeting

When you meet with someone with whom you’d like to network further, it’s important to follow up within the next 24 hours while you’re fresh in their mind. Begin by thanking them for their time, and expand on how you may be able to collaborate in the future.

Hi [name],

Thanks for meeting with me today to discuss [meeting topic]. It was great to learn more about your [company/industry/website].

I remember you mentioning that you were looking for [writers/creatives/contributors], and I’d love to help you out. I’ve been [writing/creating content] for various online agencies and clients for [x years]. You can check out my work portfolio here [link to portfolio].

I have some ideas about [articles/content] for your website and would love to find out what you think. Perhaps we can talk about it further this week — let me know what works for you.

Best wishes,


3. Reaching Out Via a Mutual Friend

The benefit of having a contact in common is that you already have a recommendation from another human which, in business terms, counts for a lot. Focus on the reason your mutual contact brought you two together.

Hi [name],

My name is [name], and I was given your contact details by [mutual contact’s name].

[Mutual contact’s name] told me you were also interested in [shared passion/interest/experience] and suggested I get in touch, so I thought I’d reach out and introduce myself.

I’d love to find a time to find out more about your experience in [specific topic].

In the meantime, if you’d like to connect with me on [LinkedIn/other social media], here’s my profile.

I look forward to connecting!

Best wishes,

[Your name]

4. Following Up After Meeting at a Conference

When following up with someone you met at a conference or event, you already have one thing in common. Use this to your advantage when you introduce yourself to make a connection with the contact.

Hi [name],

My name is [name], and I’m a [role] at [company name].

We spoke briefly at [event], and I remember you mentioning [topic]. I’d love to discuss this further, so if you’re open to meeting up or talking on the phone, let’s make that happen!

I’m available to meet most Wednesdays and Fridays, or for a phone call on weekday mornings from 9-11am.

Again, it was a great pleasure to meet you and I look forward to being able to speak further.

Best wishes,


5. Asking to Schedule a Meeting

Once you’ve received a reply from your contact, emails to schedule a meeting are best when they’re brief and practical. When you send out a scheduling email, offer up some options for both time and location, but make it clear that you can be flexible.

Hi [name],

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’d love to meet up next week. I can come to your office, or we can meet at a cafe nearby if you prefer.

I’m available on [date and time option 1], or on [date and time option 2]. Would any of these times suit you? If not, feel free to let me know when would be best for you.

Look forward to meeting you soon!



6. Thanking Someone for a Meeting

If your networking efforts land you a meeting with a contact, thanking them is a must. Not only is it a general best practice, but it will convey your gratitude and leave them with a good impression.

Hi [name],

Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule today to meet with me and discuss [topic].

I loved what you said about [specific topic from conversation] and finding out about how you made the journey from graduate to [job title].

Our discussion has really inspired me and confirmed my ambition to be a part of the [niche] industry.

Thank you again. I’ll let you know how it works out!

Best wishes,


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