How Does Schedule Send Work in Gmail?

There are tons of tools to do work online today, from chat apps to video conferencing software. And in terms of marketing, webinars or digital conferences have become incredibly popular.

However, nothing seems to have replaced the classic need for email. It’s the most reliable, widely-used method of conducting official business on the web with a 4,200% ROI. But if you don’t have the right tools, you’re bound to become distracted with email.

One of the keys to being more productive via email is sending your messages at the right time. Gmail launched the ability to send an email later in April 2019.

So in this article, we’ll discuss how to use schedule send in Gmail and why there’s a better option that you can use:

3 Reasons to Schedule An Email in Gmail

First, let’s cover some common reasons you might need to schedule an email in the first place:

  1. Different time zones for employees / students / clients
  2. Writing the email in advance, where the information will not be accurate until a certain date
  3. Following up professionally at the right time of the day during business hours

Those are just some of the reasons. But how do you actually do it then?

How Does Schedule Send Work in Gmail? (Step by Step)

Once you know how to do it, scheduling send in Gmail is pretty easy:

Step 1: Open Gmail in your web browser

Step 2: Compose a new email

Step 3: Add any attachments or signatures needed

Step 4: Next the send button, click on triangle drop down menu

Step 5: Click “Schedule Send”

Step 6: Select your desired time to send

Your email is now scheduled. You can do this for up to 100 emails.

How Does Schedule Send Work in Gmail App: Android

Scheduling your send on Gmail works similarly to desktop, but the steps are slightly different:

Step 1: Open up the Gmail app on your Android device

Step 2: Compose an email

Step 3: Once you have created your email exactly how you want it, tap “More” at the top right

Step 4: Tap “Schedule Send” and select your time

Your email is now scheduled, and you can repeat this for up to 100 emails just like on the desktop.

How to Schedule Send with Right Inbox

Right Inbox is an email productivity tool that also allows you to schedule send your emails in Gmail. Let’s walk through how to do it in Right Inbox, and why you might consider adding this tool to your workflow instead of relying on just Gmail:

Using “Send Later” to Schedule Emails

Gmail’s scheduling features are limited. Instead of being limited to scheduling emails based on your own time zone, you can schedule emails using your recipients’ time zone to ensure they arrive at just the right time.

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Advantages to Using Right Inbox

Right Inbox is more than an app to send scheduled emails. It is a comprehensive web app that helps you:

  • Create Email Templates
  • Craft Custom Signatures
  • Track Email Opens and Clicks
  • Set email reminders within Gmail.

When you add Right Inbox to your productivity suite, your scheduled emails will sync with the other features. That means you’ll know exactly when your emails get sent, when they’re read, and when to follow up in Gmail.


Business professionals around the world still rely on email to get their most important tasks done throughout the day. And the same goes for students, families, friends, and financial institutions.

However, as useful as it is, sometimes you need to have control over your Gmail instead of the other way around. Otherwise, you lose track of sent emails and end up bothering your recipients at odd times of the day.

By using Gmail’s Schedule Send or even better — Right Inbox — you can cut out the confusion and start sending your emails when and how you want. That way, you’re one step closer to mastering your email productivity.


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