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If you’re looking for a tool with similar features to Boomerang for Gmail but a better user experience, you’ll love Right Inbox. Right Inbox is a browser plugin that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and upgrades it with the features it has been missing.

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More than 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox to boost email productivity every day.

“This software has the key features that Gmail was missing!! Absolutely useful for both office or personal purpose.”

Luca Gentile Italy

“Love it! Simple, clean, everything you need and nothing you don’t. Super stable, and easy to use on multiple PC / Mac’s.”

Christopher Saltzburg United States

“I can’t live without this plugin! I think the ‘Send Later’ scheduling experience is better than Boomerang’s. I’ve talked multiple coworkers into getting this app, and they adore it too!”

Jenn Michaels United States

“Really helpful to schedule emails for next morning. Also reminders work great for me because I need to take action on them but cannot do it at the time that I’m reading the email.”

Claudia Estrada
Claudia Estrada Guatamala

“Fantastic add-on. Highly recommended. Google should actually buy it and make this a standard Gmail feature.”

Arthur Bernardes Mexico

Right Inbox adds email superpowers to your email inbox

One-click install, easy to use, fully customizable

Mail Merge in Gmail

Contact a large number of people with a customized personal message. Scale your cold email outreach within Gmail.

Reminder Email

Remind yourself of emails and conversations that need your attention, at the time of your choosing.

Private Email Note

Jot down thoughts and ideas without cluttering the email or sharing with other participants of the conversation.

Recurring Emails

Sending the same emails every day, week or month? With recurring emails, you only have to schedule them once.

Gmail Schedule Email

Schedule emails to be delivered to your recipients at the right time. A well-timed email is up to 30% more likely to be opened.

Follow Up If No Response

Create automatic follow-up reminders and never lose track of important leads and deals again.

Email Templates

Turn your most effective emails into templates you can insert and optimize with one click.

Email Tracking

With email tracking, you know exactly who opens your email when. It works for all email platforms and even when users open your message on mobile devices.

CRM Tracking

Sync and push important conversations to your favorite CRM tool without leaving Gmail.

Get started for free. Upgrade when you need more.

Right Inbox works in Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Send Later 10 emails / mo
  • Email Reminders 10 emails / mo
  • Private Emails 10 emails / mo
  • Recurring Emails Not Available
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$ 5.95 per mo.
  • Send Later Unlimited
  • Email Reminders Unlimited
  • Private Emails Unlimited
  • Recurring Emails Unlimited


$ 7.95 per mo.
  • Send Later Unlimited
  • Email Reminders Unlimited
  • Private Emails Unlimited
  • Recurring Emails Unlimited

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