What is it?

Time is valuable. Free up as much as possible by automating repetitive emails. If you send the same email several times a month, use Right Inbox’s Recurring Emails feature to take your time out of the equation.

How does it work?

Write an email, and choose how frequently you’d like it to send. Send an email once a month, a week, or even a year! Here’s what to do:

  1. Step one, write a great email.
  2. Select Recurring
  3. From the dialog that appears, select a unit of time from the Repeats For example, to have an email send every two days choose “Daily”. Every three weeks, choose “Weekly”.
  4. Now choose how frequently you’d like the email to send using the Recurs For example, to remind your colleagues of payroll, you could set an email to send Monthly, On the 1st day, of every month.
  5. Now, choose a time to send this email using the Send time
  6. And finally, choose a date to start and end the sequence using the Start date and Ends boxes (optionally, select No end date to have your emails send endlessly).
  7. Click Schedule and you’re done! Your email will send on the first cycle that you’ve scheduled.

Why is it awesome?

Joe, your best sales guy is so busy closing, he often forgets to submit important payroll information. With Right Inbox, set a recurring email to reach him just before the first and fifteenth. This way, Joe stays on top of his paperwork, and you can forget about wasting so much time on micro-management.

Or, if your office has more than a few Joes, use recurring emails to keep the entire team on task. You could even schedule emails for less mission-critical reminders. Remind your team about the monthly staff party and make sure everyone brings something to drink— even Joe.

But what if you are Joe? Having difficulty remembering a specific task? Set up recurring emails and get on top of your bills, pay your credit card on time, and submit your payroll information. Your life, organized— and all you needed were a few quick adjustments with your Right Inbox.

How to get the best out of it

Inspirations to start using recurring emails right away


You know that building a new habit takes work. Hard work. Send yourself daily inspiration to keep yourself on top of your resolutions. With recurring emails, you can send yourself the motivation you need to make change stick.


Code push. Time to deploy those sweet new features the team is so proud of. But it seems like every time somebody forgets something. Something they should have remembered. Something they’re responsible for every deployment. Keep them on track by send recurring emails that reach each team member with enough time to be an effective reminder.


Sure, in ideal world your employees would submit bi-weekly payroll without being asked. But we live in the real world, and you’re tired of reminding people to remember. Schedule a recurring email and get the information you need, when you need it.


Bills, bills, bills. Keeping track of the money you owe, who you owe it to… it’s exhausting. With recurring emails, take this mental gymnastics out of your life for good. Set up a few quick reminders and never miss a bill payment again.


Do you pay your credit card off each month? Get an email reminder to pay down your debt before your bank decides you owe them interest. Set a recurring email, and you can even include quick links to your bank’s online banking.


Personal assistants. The unsung heroes of the executive world. Make their job manageable by scheduling recurring emails for routine tasks. Remind them of important processes, procedures, or even trivial things like the kind of coffee you’d like. All sent just in time.

Ready to get started?

Right Inbox syncs up with your email client quickly, with no hassle. Increase productivity, manage follow ups, and keep your life organized. Click here to install Right Inbox right now (takes 30 seconds to install).