3 Workflow Ideas to Use Right Inbox’s Recurring Email Feature

We’ve recently launched a recurring email feature to streamline your workflow better and make it easy (and also save time) to reach out to your prospects on a recurring basis.

Client invoice reminders

Let’s say you invoice your clients regularly. You might give a couple of days or a week time period as grace time to let your clients pay. But sometimes, clients might forget to pay. It won’t hurt to send out a recurring email automatically on a scheduled date (a gentle reminder, maybe?) to nudge your clients to remind them of pending invoices.

Remind your colleagues or teammates

If you are in the thick of projects, deadlines are an important aspect you can’t afford to go easy on. If you are managing others to complete tasks, you’ll need our recurring email feature to auto-send reminders to your team for checking on project status, task updates, and more.

Your reminders on steroids

You know how reminders work, don’t you? There’s a problem with normal reminders: they can have limited information. How about a full-fledged reminder with all the information you need within it? You can do that with Right Inbox’s recurring email feature. Just schedule a recurring email to yourself with the content of the email serving as the reminder.

How do you intend to use our recurring email feature? We are curious to know.

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  1. bill

    Hi, wondering how you cancel a recurring email. Thanks.

    1. daniel

      Recurring emails are placed in your Drafts folder. Open the draft message that is set to be delivered recurringly as if you are going to edit, click on the green colored Recurring button, a popup window will appear, then you can select “Cancel Recurring Email” option. This way you will be keeping the draft message. If you want to remove the recurring draft all together, you may just delete it as well.

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