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In today’s digital age, emails have become an integral part of professional communication. Whether it’s reaching out to potential clients, establishing connections with industry peers, or attracting new customers with email marketing campaigns, email etiquette plays a crucial role in leaving a lasting impression.  While the body of an email receives the most attention, we […]

In the world of online sales and marketing, it’s common practice for organizations to get in touch with a long list of contacts at the same time while simultaneously making the message seem personal. To email each recipient individually would clearly be out of the question. Thankfully, there are ways in which a personalized email […]

Your email address is like your online business card. For many prospects, it’s the first thing they see when they interact with you, and it can have a huge impact on the kind of impression you make. That’s why it’s crucial that you spend time on creating a professional email address. Forty-seven percent of recipients […]

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Key takeaway: To calculate the email conversion rate of a marketing campaign, divide the number of executed actions you targeted by the number of emails you sent. Then multiply that number by 100. The answer is a percentage representing the conversion rate of the campaign. Like any marketing campaign, an email campaign costs a company money […]


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