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G Suite and Office 365 are known as the two main players in the world of office suites, but how do they compare and which one should you choose? From trying to create the best group calendar to providing the most intuitive and powerful tools, each feature-filled suite is vying to be the top dog. […]

New to Gmail? Don’t worry. Even though Gmail has the biggest market share of all the email service providers, new users are joining the Gmail revolution all the time. That said, it can be a little tough to get your head around it in the first few weeks – there are so many cool features […]

We’ve all heard of email spam, right? It’s not surprising, considering that there are an estimated 107 billion spam emails sent every day. That’s every single day. Not only are they malicious, but they can ruin your productivity. So how does Gmail combat this, and what can you do as a Gmail user to keep […]

While Right Inbox is the perfect fit for many of our users looking to increase email productivity and sales, we understand a small percentage of people may wish to uninstall Right Inbox. Some reasons that users want to uninstall Right Inbox are: Changing Jobs – You were using Right Inbox as part of your previous […]

Back on April 1st, 2004, Gmail first went live. Due to the launch’s odd timing and the fact that it offered considerably more storage than its rivals, the tech world thought it was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. The fact that it’s still going as strong as ever shows how much Google has invested in […]

Google Docs are a great option for teams that want to collaborate on a document in real time. Thankfully, you can now upload a Word document and convert it into a Google Doc with minimal hassle. We’ll show you how to convert word to Google Doc, both on desktop and mobile. Method 1: How to […]

Google Docs has great potential for teams that need to collaborate on a document. The file is stored online and can be shared with anyone, and they can then be given ‘Viewing’ and/or ‘Editing’ access to the document. All changes save automatically, so work is very rarely lost. The Google Docs chat function takes collaboration […]

Google has always been known for its search engine – it’s what the company was built around. However, Google provides many tools beyond the search engine, and one of its most popular is its suite of business tools. Over the past few years, there have been changes to the name of the tool suite, which […]

There are a number of scenarios in which you might need to change your Gmail address: you’ve switched jobs, gotten married and changed your name, or perhaps the email address you set up back in 2003 looks a bit tired all of a sudden. Whatever the reason, here’s how to change your Gmail address and […]

Have you ever come across a “queued” message in Gmail when sending emails from your Android device? It’s an issue that discriminately affects Androids, but what does it mean, and how do you fix it? When the Gmail app marks something as queued, it means that it’s not able to send the email immediately. The […]


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