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Google Sheets are automatically saved onto your Google Drive, so it’s easy to assume that they’re backed-up and secure in the Cloud. But for important data, it’s recommended that you add an extra layer of security to your important spreadsheets. After all, if someone gained access to your phone or computer, it wouldn’t be hard […]

When trying to locate a past email, Gmail gives you several parameters to help you narrow down your search, including recipient name, subject line, and file size, among many others. If you know the exact date – or even the rough time-frame – you received the email, this will also help you to locate past […]

Most people are overwhelmed with emails every day, but there are ways to make your inbox more manageable. One way is with Gmail Categories. By default, Google has categories for Primary, Updates, Forums, Promotions, and Social, but those might not be the best options for everyone. Here’s how to add and remove categories across your […]

When using Gmail, you can choose between archiving and deleting emails after reading them – helping you keep your inbox cleaner, and your mind less cluttered. But what’s the difference between Gmail archive and deleting an email? And when should you archive, and when should you delete? Let’s take a look: What Does Deleting an […]

While there are many ways you can organize your inbox (categories, tags, reminders, and much more), there are some times when you just want to save an email to be able to reference it later or send it as an attachment. Many people don’t know that you can save your email as a PDF, but […]

In 2017, there were a whopping 3.7 billion email users worldwide – a number that is expected to skyrocket to 4.3 billion by 2022. There’s a reason for that: Email is an essential channel for marketing and business that is continuously evolving and is ripe for automation. That’s especially important considering that a fair number […]

Like most working people, a large part of your day is probably taken up with managing your emails. But whether you’re filtering through your inbox, composing an important message, or organizing your mail into folders, your time could be better spent doing more important tasks. 30 Gmail Tips and Tricks To help you maximize your […]

The ability to attach a note to an email message can help increase your efficiency when using Gmail. Although there are workarounds within the Gmail platform to let you add notes using a filter, Right Inbox offers a useful shortcut so you can quickly add memos to your messages as you send them with gmail […]

While you might be aware that you can use Gmail to create to-do lists, set up calendar invites, and chat with teammates, one feature is not as well-known: sending text messages via email. Why Would You Want to Send a Text from Your Gmail Interface? Sending a text from Gmail may sound strange, but there […]

Gmail Contacts is a very powerful but often underutilized feature within Gmail. Many users don’t even know it exists, and Google has done little to promote it over the years. However, it can be very useful – here’s what you need to know. What Are Google Contacts? When using Gmail, most people just type the […]


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