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Email Productivity Tips

If it’s time to move on from your current job, it can be difficult to communicate that to your current employer. But if you leave with class and style, you can maintain your current working relationships over the long term while you form new ones in your next role. So in this article let’s break […]

Whether you work in-house at a large conglomerate or you operate from an agency, recruitment is a relentlessly fast-paced field. With so many targets to hit and non-negotiable deadlines to meet, it can be hard to catch your breath – let alone craft perfect follow up emails. While follow up emails don’t always need to […]

30 Templates for business emails

In 2023, businesses pretty much run on emails. In fact, 72% of customers prefer email as the main method of communication with a brand. Got a new customer or subscriber to your email list? Send a welcome email. Prospect not getting back to you? Send a polite email prompt. Regardless of the email type, it’s […]

Finding a perfect candidate is never easy, especially when you’re competing for the attention of talent in a niche with many competitors. Even if you get quality applications through your channels, sometimes the only way to fill an open role is to go out there and reach out to potential matches. This is a challenge […]


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