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Google Drive is one of the best cloud computing services in the market is, and it opens up free of cost for up to 15 GB of space. Then the price for unlimited space is $10 per month for one user. Many services have the unintended consequence of interfering too much in the working hours. […]

Opening a cluttered Gmail inbox with a glaring number of unaddressed emails can be daunting. The numbers simply grow with each day. Relentlessly. It is about time you saved your business from this management nightmare. Set up an email system that can track action, help to schedule tasks as well as integrate your social contacts. […]

Change is at the core of any web technology and giants like Google are pioneers, when it comes to that. Google Drive has indeed proven to be your safe haven to stash away files in a cloud, backed up for access via any Internet based device. Leverage it to use it as your “go to” […]

You could be doing a lot with email. You could be prospecting, following up, collaborating, reaching out, or maybe just communicating. But every time your email goes out, there are two things your recipients are likely to see: Your signature Your P.S (if any) Let’s talk signatures: They say tons about you. They can also […]

About 65% of Gmail users open their emails on their mobile phones. On mobile, excess won’t do. Big isn’t better (except for fonts), and simplicity is in demand. You could be using Right Inbox’s recurring email feature for sending out follow-up mails, reminders, recurring invoices, and more. However, there are rules for you to follow […]

Real estate agents, like most other business owners, have quite a lot to do on their hands. Apart from the paperwork, the field presence, and the ever going hustle with properties, vendors, and customers, they also have to keep prospecting, getting new clients, and keep on top of the game. As for most other professionals, […]

Remember how you used folders to keep relevant emails within those folders? But, there was just one issue with folders: they are a mess. For instance, let’s say you have folders marked with people’s names – your vendors, contractors, or your team. If Pete – your boss – sends you a task that you’d have […]

This post is here to provide you with 5 Gmail tips to help put you back in the saddle and regain control of your email flow while improving your productivity. Tip #1: Set Up Alias-Based Filtering Technically, Gmail doesn’t provide aliases: however, if you have your own registered domain email (Google Apps) and you’re using […]

Prospective clients would be interested in your brand voice provided you build a right channel to reach them. Where you should go, or what you should do so that you could connect only to the people who would be interested in your business? If you’re new to an industry, or wish to enter a new […]

Have you ever thought of why it’s so hard to do sales prospecting? Did you know that most people give up on prospecting after an initial burst of activity that lasts only a few days, weeks, or months? Doing sales requires a combination of skill, determination, craziness and drive. Before that, however, there are just […]


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