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Social media is where the conversations are while email is the best way to nurture leads, relationships, and keep up that trust factor with subscribers. For businesses, bagging opportunities and making sales happen is a primary responsibility. While each of these points in the equation is important, businesses struggle to merge them together. Somehow, the […]

Videos are new age sales tools. While they still don’t beat the sheer effectiveness of an in-person meeting with your clients or prospects, videos are as close as you can get. Whether you do a simple logo reveal, a demo video, a tutorial, a company video, or an animation video – it’s bound to work […]

While Gmail is the quintessential email solution you might use, prospecting is the primary task for your business. Since these two are inevitably tied together, it only makes sense to take time to implement simple flourishes to your email workflow. Here are at least five Gmail tricks to tie your Gmail use to prospecting, for […]

Drip email campaigns set expectations, gain long-term trust, and make your subscribers fall in love with your brand name, product, or service. Drip email campaigns, however, go out in “drips” – a sequential, strategic, and a smart method – to nurture leads, keep subscribers interested, and rope in tight social engagement. According to Ben, a […]

Social media spreads the word faster. It creates a sense of community around everything that’s worth creating a community about – from causes to informational clusters; from products to services; from brands to businesses; from groups of people to groups of institutions. Social media how the word of mouth came to be; it’s the future […]

For businesses, the over reliance on email has led to dropping conversions through email, near abysmal email open rates, and much lesser return on investment. On top of that, marketers also have an increasingly nonchalant group of email subscribers to convert as days go by. Email deliverability is now so complex that getting it right […]

We receive around 10 suggestions about our service everyday. Most of them are pretty good pile of feedback coming directly from very committed users. In fact that’s a lot of quality feedback, easies your pain when you are shaping the future of your product. Your decisions and actions are blessed from the beginning because they […]

Everyone you might know today has at least half a lifetime lost under the weight of email. According to a New York Times feature, the same technology that was to promise productivity, efficiency, and a better way to work is now the morass that must be mopped from the floor. Emails, social media, and the […]

As we write and you read this, conversations flood the web on all sorts of topics, which will almost always include mentions of your brand or at least the general category of products and services that’ll relate to the discussions. These conversations are the seeds of opportunity that you could tap into. This might approach […]

Today, businesses depend on email for marketing and for communications (Internal and External). When so much depends on Email, the scope of business management also stretches to how you manage your email, how productive you try to be when it comes to handling email, and how planned you are when you go about deploying email […]


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