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We are very happy to announce we’ve released a new feature for customizing date and time options for email scheduling and email reminders. This was one of the most requested features, we hope you will find it useful. We’ve added a new option at the bottom of both ‘Send Later’ and ‘Remind Me’ menus called […]

If 400+ million people are on Gmail, there should be something right about the email service. Gmail is now incredibly being used not just as personal inboxes but also as a de facto inbox for businesses. Thanks to the fact that you can map your webmail to Gmail, almost everyone we know is on Gmail. […]

Emails – like people – have to work hard to get to subscriber inboxes. The recent spate of changes with Gmail Inbox, the tabbed layout, and the ever-increasing resistance to marketing emails have been giving many marketers nightmares. While there are ways to win subscribers’ hearts, the least you could do was to get the […]

If you haven’t already been using RightInbox, you are missing out on an extremely nifty application for your Gmail account. This smart app can be integrated with Gmail seamlessly and it helps you get greater control over your email and your inbox. Apart from all the other benefits it provides, RightInbox has this great little […]

LinkedIn is where all the professionals, employees, self-employed mavericks, business owners, and almost everyone else who has to work to live exist. LinkedIn started as “just another social media network” in the year 2003 but it’s now a gargantuan, living, dynamic Rolodex with 225 million users spread across 200 countries. More than 27% of visits […]

We are all geared to do more. It’s just the way we get better at what we do. As email is still the staple of business communications, we have a great need to make emails work to our advantage whether you are sending out proposals, corresponding with prospects, communicating with clients, or organizing work. Here […]

Email is killing us. Most executives are drowned by an influx of emails everyday. According to a report published by Marketo, the average customer is exposed to at least 2,904 media messages. They will pay attention to 52 of those messages, and will positively remember only 4 of them. The Pew Internet and American Life […]

If you haven’t yet used Right Inbox for your emails, you are certainly missing out on something big. Email is an essential task that is vital to the smooth functioning of your business. The RightInbox extension can help you streamline your email more efficiently so that you can you manage your business communications more effectively. […]

Big brands – at least those who remain big and do not dwindle into an abyss of nothingness — are big because they could be doing something right (and having tons of money at beck and call isn’t the criteria here). As for email marketing that these big brands deploy, it’s a show to watch. […]


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