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When Gmail launched its snooze feature back in April 2018, it came as welcome news to those with particularly busy inboxes. In a nutshell, the Snooze feature allows users to delay the time at which emails appear in their inbox, which means you can stagger the flow of your incoming mail to a rate that […]

Whether you have an Android or an iOS device, you may find yourself needing to delete your Gmail account from your phone. If so, there are just a few steps you’ll need to take, although it’s worth considering whether this action is actually necessary before you go ahead. Why you might want to remove your […]

Have you ever found yourself trying to reference a past email in a conversation with a friend or colleague? Although Gmail doesn’t provide a simple solution to attach an email to another message (since the messages themselves aren’t stored as individual files), workarounds do exist. Follow these steps below to use our favorite approach, and […]

When trying to locate a past email, Gmail gives you several parameters to help you narrow down your search, including recipient name, subject line, and file size, among many others. If you know the exact date – or even the rough time-frame – you received the email, this will also help you to locate past […]

No matter how long you’ve been working in marketing, there’s always room for improvement. This is as true in email marketing as it is in any other digital marketing discipline. When you consider that 93% of marketers are using email to distribute content and connect with their target market – and that email is the […]

Some things just go together. Bacon and eggs. Burger and fries. Salt and pepper. If you want to skyrocket your productivity in 2020, then using Gmail in conjunction with extensions is a great way to go. So if you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to get more done (or at least spend less time in […]

  Gmail is ubiquitous today. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if people were to use “Gmail” as a word to mean “email” just as “Fedex” is used for courier or “Xerox” is used for photocopying. Gmail is quick, simple to use, and is gargantuan in size (and it keeps growing). It’s also one of […]

We’ve all done it: inadvertently hit Delete on an important email and condemned it to the scrap heap. Thankfully, Google knows that this happens and has made it possible for you to recover deleted messages in just a few simple steps. Recover a Single Email from the Trash Folder 1. Log in to your Gmail […]

Your boss emails you asking for a copy of every single message a specific client has ever sent you. Seems like a massive task, doesn’t it? Until recently, the only way to forward emails was to go into each one and click the Forward button and then Send. But thankfully, Gmail now lets you set […]

You may think that writing an introduction email is easy. But how many of your emails actually get a response? A recent study by Radicati estimated that the average office worker receives around 90 emails a day and sends 40. That’s a lot to work through, regardless of how fast or efficient you are. The […]


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