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Google Docs are a great option for teams that want to collaborate on a document in real time. Thankfully, you can now upload a Word document and convert it into a Google Doc with minimal hassle. We’ll show you how to convert word to Google Doc, both on desktop and mobile. Method 1: How to […]

Yesware has been around for some time now and has the kind of tools that can make any sales team more productive. Boasting some excellent features, it’s been a go-to tool for many sales teams in the last ten years or so. Some of its best features include: Email tracking Multi-channel campaigns Integrated meeting scheduler […]

Google Docs has great potential for teams that need to collaborate on a document. The file is stored online and can be shared with anyone, and they can then be given ‘Viewing’ and/or ‘Editing’ access to the document. All changes save automatically, so work is very rarely lost. The Google Docs chat function takes collaboration […]

With the rise in popularity of real-time communication apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and Skype, you may find it surprising that email is still the primary tool for communication at work – and with 3.9 billion users around the world, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Dominating that space are Gmail and Outlook – two of […]

Google has always been known for its search engine – it’s what the company was built around. However, Google provides many tools beyond the search engine, and one of its most popular is its suite of business tools. Over the past few years, there have been changes to the name of the tool suite, which […]

There are a number of scenarios in which you might need to change your Gmail address: you’ve switched jobs, gotten married and changed your name, or perhaps the email address you set up back in 2003 looks a bit tired all of a sudden. Whatever the reason, here’s how to change your Gmail address and […]

Have you ever come across a “queued” message in Gmail when sending emails from your Android device? It’s an issue that discriminately affects Androids, but what does it mean, and how do you fix it? When the Gmail app marks something as queued, it means that it’s not able to send the email immediately. The […]

Google Sheets are automatically saved onto your Google Drive, so it’s easy to assume that they’re backed-up and secure in the Cloud. But for important data, it’s recommended that you add an extra layer of security to your important spreadsheets. After all, if someone gained access to your phone or computer, it wouldn’t be hard […]

When trying to locate a past email, Gmail gives you several parameters to help you narrow down your search, including recipient name, subject line, and file size, among many others. If you know the exact date – or even the rough time-frame – you received the email, this will also help you to locate past […]

The canned email response. It sounds like a terrible thing. We all want to feel like we have time to respond to every email, every time, in a personal way. But in reality, we do not. And in reality, there is no need to. Instead of spending time and energy sending the same response over […]


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