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Gmail sets a limit to how many emails a user can send from their account in a day. If you’re someone who uses their Gmail account only for personal emailing, that’s usually not an issue. But if you are an email marketer, recruiter or sales professional then you’re in trouble. You probably want to use […]

You need a sales process that works for you and your customers to succeed. There are many sales methods, and it can be hard to choose the right one for you. We’ll be discussing the pros and cons of sales methodologies in this article. Sales methodologies are a systematic way to sell your products or […]

It’s easier than ever to stay connected with others. Whether you’re sending a quick message, chatting on social media, or recording a voice memo or video. But it’s also easy to get overwhelmed with messages; it adds up quickly — resulting in an overflowing inbox and email anxiety Email Anxiety Definition Answering emails can be […]

Finding a perfect candidate is never easy, especially when you’re competing for the attention of talent in a niche with many competitors. Even if you get quality applications through your channels, sometimes the only way to fill an open role is to go out there and reach out to potential matches. This is a challenge […]

Sales engagement platforms are becoming a huge priority for companies. 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in sales automation to engage more efficiently with customers and prospects. And in today’s digital world, email outreach tools are the most popular sales engagement platforms. Whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, there are hundreds of […]

In 2022, businesses pretty much run on emails. Got a new customer or subscriber to your email list? Send a welcome email. Prospect not getting back to you? Send a polite email prompt. However, it’s important to remember that crafting the perfect email is an art form. When emailing externally, every word you type reflects […]

Getting people to open your cold emails is tough. With open rates between 15% and 28% – depending on your industry – you need to make sure the emails you send have the best chance of being opened. And to do that, you need templates that are going to work. Here are 10 examples to […]

If you’re an influencer or blogger who is ready to monetize your following, brand pitch emails are your go-to. They’re likely to be your first real introduction to a brand – it’s your moment to sell yourself and show them what you can do. When a brand pitch email is done well, it can mark […]

When it comes to spreading awareness of your brand, press releases are your friend and press release email templates are your best friend. They are the easiest and most effective way to put your brand and yourself on journalists’ radars and achieve press coverage. Brands traditionally put out press releases to their media contacts for […]

Getting an A-list blogger to guest blog for your website is something that will push your page rank to the sky. Accomplishing this task is not as easy as it seems, though. It is how you connect with them that will make the difference. You are probably going to start your conversation via an email but […]


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