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If you’re interested in alternatives to Gmail, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to cover 10 of the best Gmail alternatives so you can choose the best email provider for your unique needs. Since its release, Gmail has become so popular that it has almost started to become synonymous with “email.” Thanks […]

Sometimes your trash folder in Gmail can get a little busy. A cluttered inbox – no matter whether it’s your primary Inbox, spam, or trash – doesn’t help you keep productive. That said, Gmail empties your trash for you every 30 days. So why do you need to empty your trash when Gmail does it […]

Have you ever wished that your email inbox was more organized, or felt that you would be a little more productive if your marketing emails were filtered automatically? That’s where a Gmail alias can help. In 2021, the number of emails sent and received worldwide is estimated to be around 320 billion, and that’s expected […]

If you have used Google search operators before, then you already have a pretty good grasp of what search operators for Gmail are, and how they work. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, let’s first take a look at what a search operator is. Gmail search operators are short lines of code […]

It should come as no surprise to hear that people are checking email more than ever. It could have something to do with a corresponding increase in smartphone use, but regardless of the reason, knowing how to quickly and effectively empty your email inbox each day is a must-have skill. In particular, it’s one that’s […]

Emails are a crucial way of marketing your brand. Most marketers understand and accept this as a fact, but the difficult part is building an email list and then keeping the audience engaged to your business through emails. Which is where QR codes in emails can have a crucial role to play. Quick Response Code […]

Change Your Gmail Password

Changing your Gmail password may seem like a tedious task, but it’s a vital one, especially if you frequently handle others’ personal data in your day-to-day. A breach in email security can lead to a PR disaster for businesses, so make sure you keep on top of this important task. Failing to regularly update your […]

Gmail is the world’s most popular email client, but when it comes to mail merges and mass emails, users go elsewhere. Gmass is hoping to change that. This Gmail extension gives users the ability to send mass emails, automate sequences, run mail merge campaigns, pull data from Google Sheets, and validate lists to enhance deliverability. […]

Connecting with strangers over email is never easy. And writing one that actually gets a response is even harder. It all starts with an introduction. There are various ways you can introduce yourself over email – it just depends on the level of connection you may or may not already have with a contact, or […]

A follow up email can be one of the most difficult types to write, especially if you’re sending the email after receiving no response the first time around. Sometimes, our instincts will tell us that if someone hasn’t replied to our first correspondence, they simply aren’t interested – but this isn’t always the case. Needless to […]


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