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Sending a lot of personalized emails? Need to do a mail merge with PDF attachments to unique recipients? There are several reasons you might want to do this. You could be sending assignments to students, marketing documents to prospects, or anything in between. It can be overwhelming at first if you don’t know where to […]

The average length of a recruiting process is 36 days. This kind of shows you how a recruiter’s day is packed with multiple tasks to source the best talent. But thanks to technology, recruiters can now juggle between different activities without losing their minds. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best Chrome extensions […]

Finding a perfect candidate is never easy, especially when you’re competing for the attention of talent in a niche with many competitors. Even if you get quality applications through your channels, sometimes the only way to fill an open role is to go out there and reach out to potential matches. This is a challenge […]

The number of email users is expected to grow by another 300 million by 2023. So one thing is clear — email isn’t going anywhere. We use our emails to handle everything from work projects, personal finance, family connections, and more. And now more than ever, we want to be able to quickly browse emails right from […]

For many of us, our inbox is our virtual “home.” It’s where we receive all of our official communications for a variety of things — job applications, new services, purchase confirmations, newsletters, and more. But when your home is cluttered, your digital life starts to feel chaotic, just like your real home. And you might […]

For better or for worse, the email inbox dominates our workdays. It’s estimated that over 120 emails are received each day in the average American worker’s inbox. That’s a lot of time spent reading, writing, and responding to emails, so it should go without saying that putting your best foot forward is a must. Professional […]

Our email inboxes are busy, with the majority of people finding inbox zero an elusive task. As of 2018, there are about 124.5 billion business emails sent and received each day according to Campaign Monitor. It goes without saying that some emails are going to pass you by and go unread. But what if you […]

Email is a vital part of a salesperson or recruiter’s daily workflow. Knowing whether or not someone opened your email helps you improve your engagement, outreach, and ultimately your revenue. Yet, that is much easier said than done. Common email platforms like Gmail don’t come equipped with the right tracking and management features that most […]

We can all agree that the internet has changed how students learn. It’s even hard to imagine how schoolwork looked before the internet. In this digital era, so many applications and software can make learning seamless – and hopefully, grades better too. Moreover, the rise of chrome extensions has allowed students to automate studies. As […]

Email remains a crucial part of any professional’s workday. And it isn’t going away anytime soon. Quite the opposite, in fact. According to marketing research company Radicati, the number of emails sent daily by consumers and businesses will rise to 347 billion by 2023. With professionals especially, email represents one of the most important channels […]


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