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What Does CC Mean in an Email

We all spend way too much time in our email inbox – the average office worker receives 121 emails per day. In order to sort through the clutter and work effectively, it’s essential to find ways to increase productivity. Here are 15 hacks: 1. Turn off Your Notifications If you implement nothing else on this […]

What Does CC Mean in an Email

When email replaced traditional forms of office communication, it took on the existing language of paper-based memoranda. Office assistants used to type correspondence on carbon-backed paper so that a carbon copy was automatically made, which could then be sent to a second recipient. It eliminated the need to type the same document multiple times. The […]

With more than 1.5 billion active users, many businesses rely on Gmail to send emails daily. Gmail has become the default email client for many businesses – especially because it’s free. Mail merges can be incredibly useful and time-saving when sending out emails. Here’s how to do a mail merge in Gmail. What Is a […]

In the fast-paced world in which we live, it can feel as though every last second of each day should be used to get things done. But, in the words of Henry Ford, “improved productivity means less human sweat, not more,” because if we manage our time well, half the battle is already won. Here […]

Have you ever come across a “queued” message in Gmail when sending emails from your Android device? It’s an issue that discriminately affects Androids, but what does it mean, and how do you fix it? When the Gmail app marks something as queued, it means that it’s not able to send the email immediately. The […]

A strong sales strategy outlines a business’s sales targets and details exactly how the sales team will achieve them. These strategies are typically developed by company executives but also require the input of sales, marketing, and advertising managers. It sounds simple enough, but creating a winning sales strategy is something of an art – it […]

We’ve all been there. You press send on an email, and you immediately notice a mistake and wish you could undo it. An email isn’t like a message or a tweet that you can simply delete – a sent email lives on someone else’s email server, which is out of your control. Reasons You May […]

How long have you been using Hotmail? Or Outlook? Are you tired of the limitations of these accounts, and do you need more functionality from your email client? Gmail has been around since 2004, but not everyone has made the move yet – people don’t like change. But there are many reasons you should consider […]

Sending out a proposal over email is tricky business – whether you’re reaching out cold or following up on a recent meeting. Chances are, the person you’re trying to reach will have a busy inbox, so it’s up to you to make your message stand out. That said, there are a few tips and tricks […]

Change Your Gmail Password

Not everyone has the budget to invest in email marketing software. But are there any solutions for sending mass email – or bulk email – via Gmail? Thankfully, there are. Here are 2 ways you can use Gmail to send mass email, fast and for free. Using Mail Merge in Gmail and Google Drive If […]


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