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Nearly 54% of marketers consider email marketing to be the most effective aspect of digital marketing. Plus, executing it is one of the easiest tasks. Even though it is the oldest form of digital marketing, a majority of companies still confide in email marketing for lead generation and consistent conversions. But, what is email marketing? […]

A follow up email can be one of the most difficult types to write, especially if you’re sending the email after receiving no response the first time around. Sometimes, our instincts will tell us that if someone hasn’t replied to our first correspondence, they simply aren’t interested – but this isn’t always the case. One […]

How you end an email and your email sign-off are important. It leaves your recipient with a lasting impression of you – and you want to make sure that impression is a positive one. As Justin Bariso, founder of Insight consulting group points out, you wouldn’t end a conversation without saying goodbye. So why should […]

In 2017, there were a whopping 3.7 billion email users worldwide – a number that is expected to skyrocket to 4.3 billion by 2022. There’s a reason for that: Email is an essential channel for marketing and business that is continuously evolving and is ripe for automation. That’s especially important considering that a fair number […]

The canned email response. It sounds like a terrible thing. We all want to feel like we have time to respond to every email, every time, in a personal way. But in reality, we do not. And in reality, there is no need to. Instead of spending time and energy sending the same response over […]

  It should come as no surprise to hear that people are checking email more than ever. It could have something to do with a corresponding increase in smartphone use, but regardless of the reason, knowing how to quickly and effectively empty your email inbox each day is a must-have skill. In particular, it’s one […]

  If you have plans to be out of the office for a period of time, then setting your out-of-office email message is a must. The last thing you want to do is upset clients, coworkers, or vendors by going dark with no explanation. For those new to the business world, your out-of-office message is […]

  With people sending and receiving more than 120 billion work emails every single day, it’s safe to say email is far from dead. With such prevalence, presumably most people have basic email etiquette down to a science, including common best practices like: Having a clear subject line Remembering your signature Using a professional salutation […]

  Business emails are tricky. On one hand, you’ve got to position yourself as a respectable and trusted professional worthy of doing business with. On the other, you have to be lighthearted and likable enough to build some rapport and differentiate yourself. Finding that balance isn’t always easy, but with practice, you’ll undoubtedly find the […]

A few weeks back, we acquired Right Inbox. ‘We’ is myself (Sujan Patel) and my business partner Bob Senoff. Together we run Ramp Ventures, the team behind software products like Mailshake, Pick. and VoilaNorbert. Ramp Ventures is about building easy-to-use software that helps people focus on what matters most: creative work and meaningful human relations. […]


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