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We’ve all been there; you’re Cc’d into a group email and you have thoughts and comments that, well, you’d rather not share with the whole group… You scribble notes on the closest piece of paper to hand – only to have no idea what they relate to in a few days’ time. It’s a real […]

Two weeks ago we carried out a survey asking our users what they would like to see in future releases of Right Inbox. We received a lot of valuable feedback – thank you so much! We’ve already started to roll out new features according to the most popular suggestions, and there is much more to come! 38.8% requested […]

We’ve recently introduced a new small feature: being able to return back to the previous page after a reminder is set or an email is scheduled successfully. That way, after Right Inbox processes your request to create a reminder or schedule an email, the page you are at will be navigated back to the previous […]

We get it. It’s hard to keep sending out emails to random prospects, if you do so, that is. You don’t see the recipient, and you have no way to know if the recipient (client or customer) would ever write back to you. Yet, you’d need to be made of something else to keep yourself […]

Doing work shouldn’t have to be a chore; it ought to be pleasure. But it can rarely be if you don’t use technology for your benefit. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and tools available for you to use and make your daily work a breeze. Here are some of those apps you should be […]

If you are sending out an email, chances are that your recipients are among the 425 million Gmail users in the world. That’s good news because if you integrate with the full suite of Google’s offerings, you have all the workflow you need for your work right there, from within your inbox. Add hundreds of […]

A signature is a person’s identity. But, somehow we underestimate its importance in emails. “An email is a good way to promote your business, it is your short biography and also a social networking tool”, says Saikat Basu on Make Use Of. Unknowingly, your emails are almost always viewed, read, and responded to. They are […]

Google Drive is one of the best cloud computing services in the market is, and it opens up free of cost for up to 15 GB of space. Then the price for unlimited space is $10 per month for one user. Many services have the unintended consequence of interfering too much in the working hours. […]

Opening a cluttered Gmail inbox with a glaring number of unaddressed emails can be daunting. The numbers simply grow with each day. Relentlessly. It is about time you saved your business from this management nightmare. Set up an email system that can track action, help to schedule tasks as well as integrate your social contacts. […]

Change is at the core of any web technology and giants like Google are pioneers, when it comes to that. Google Drive has indeed proven to be your safe haven to stash away files in a cloud, backed up for access via any Internet based device. Leverage it to use it as your “go to” […]


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