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You could be doing a lot with email. You could be prospecting, following up, collaborating, reaching out, or maybe just communicating. But every time your email goes out, there are two things your recipients are likely to see: Your signature Your P.S (if any) Let’s talk signatures: They say tons about you. They can also […]

About 65% of Gmail users open their emails on their mobile phones. On mobile, excess won’t do. Big isn’t better (except for fonts), and simplicity is in demand. You could be using Right Inbox’s recurring email feature for sending out follow-up mails, reminders, recurring invoices, and more. However, there are rules for you to follow […]

Remember how you used folders to keep relevant emails within those folders? But, there was just one issue with folders: they are a mess. For instance, let’s say you have folders marked with people’s names – your vendors, contractors, or your team. If Pete – your boss – sends you a task that you’d have […]

This post is here to provide you with 5 Gmail tips to help put you back in the saddle and regain control of your email flow while improving your productivity. Tip #1: Set Up Alias-Based Filtering Technically, Gmail doesn’t provide aliases: however, if you have your own registered domain email (Google Apps) and you’re using […]

Prospective clients would be interested in your brand voice provided you build a right channel to reach them. Where you should go, or what you should do so that you could connect only to the people who would be interested in your business? If you’re new to an industry, or wish to enter a new […]

Have you ever thought of why it’s so hard to do sales prospecting? Did you know that most people give up on prospecting after an initial burst of activity that lasts only a few days, weeks, or months? Doing sales requires a combination of skill, determination, craziness and drive. Before that, however, there are just […]

Long before “behavioral economics” was used as a term, marketers were already practicing it. If you had to explain what behavioral economics was to your granny, you’d just as her to remember how she was influenced to buy a “bundled product” at a low cost or even those ”buy three for the price of two” […]

As 2015 draws to a close, we’ve seen trends surface all year. New trends such as retargeting and native advertising have emerged. E-commerce has been growing steadily and is expected to touch billion by the year 2017, according to Forrester. Social media has been growing steadily and email still rules as the primary communication mode. […]

We’ve recently launched a recurring email feature to streamline your workflow better and make it easy (and also save time) to reach out to your prospects on a recurring basis. Client invoice reminders Let’s say you invoice your clients regularly. You might give a couple of days or a week time period as grace time […]

How good is your memory? If you are like most people, it might not even be something you don’t think about much. As a result, you’d forget scheduled times for important events such as meetings, sending replies, and more. Further, if you are busy hustling over email by prospecting clients, it might nice to wish […]


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