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We are delighted to announce that we have released long-awaited recurring emails feature. This is a tremendously powerful tool to ease your periodic tasks. You will have the option of choosing the repeating frequency as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It is very handy and practical feature with a lot of customization options. Kindly have […]

Email, as a marketing medium, still rules. In spite of all the fanfare, the apparent popularity, and the increasing shift to social media. Marketers aren’t going to let go of this old-fashionable but still effective media for marketing. Now that the whole world is going mobile and that email checking is one of the most […]

If they said that there was gold in “building the list”; they forgot to tell you that the list wouldn’t always stay permanent. Things change, as for all things in life. Subscribers will unsubscribe eventually just as employees leave. But there are ways to keep them or even to get them back. In case of […]

Traditionally, transactional emails have been boring, but necessary. Their role – surprisingly enough – was reduced to “letting know”, for “alerts”, and for “confirmation of actions taken by subscribers”. There’s no denying the importance of transactional emails for eCommerce specifically and for email campaigns in general. Yet, transactional emails are an often-underused asset. Transactional emails […]

Long before “behavioral economics” was used as a term, marketers were already practicing it. If you had to explain what behavioral economics was to your granny, you’d just as her to remember how she was influenced to buy a “bundled product” at a low cost or even those  ”buy three for the price of two” […]

Social media has helped content move to the fore and reign in importance when it comes to marketing, and it is social media that is helping email marketing return with a bang. If you feel that email marketing is outdated and can no more turn a profit for you, there is news: When people associated […]

To know about your prospects before you reach out to them is essential for anyone in sales or in business. The days of calling strangers at random are long gone. If you don’t know a prospect, there’s this critical new entry into the traditional sales or prospecting routine: know your customer. Mere titles, names, numbers, […]

Explosion of social media has convinced marketers that promoting their services on Facebook and Twitter is the only profitable marketing strategy. This idea, however, is incorrect because email marketing is also a profitable way of reaching out to your potential clients (a recent study indicates that email marketing still delivers excellent ROI). It doesn’t cost you […]

We do know that email marketing still works. We, as marketers and business owners, still understand that “building the list” and “nurturing that list” is an incredibly effective tool for keeping those relationships on and making business happen. Not every marketer or business owner writes home to talk about an astonishingly high conversion rates with […]

Lead generation is the ultimate result marketers crave for, yet it’s elusive. For a long time in history of business, lead generation was purely outbound. Following a “spray and pray” theory, marketers and businesses would invest untold amount of money into advertising and promotions hoping to generate leads, which might then convert into long-term customers. […]


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